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Central Florida is a wonderful place to live.  Whether a full-time resident, or a ‘snow bird’, there are opportunities aplenty.  Numerous named attractions are found within an hour of Polk City, institutions of higher learning abound, good medical facilities are nearby, and lots of opportunities vie for your free time. 

Check out some of the details on the named menu choices.

Additionally, to help keep you up-to-date, the Ledger Media Group and Central Florida Visitors Bureau has a visitors app for the area.  Whether you’re a frequent visitor, a local or a newcomer to Central Florida, this app will lead you to local restaurants, shopping, attractions, night life & other fun things that can be found in Central Florida. Search on “Explore Central Florida” for either an Apple or Android application.  Install to either your tablet or phone, then browse away. 

If you see a restaurant that fits your traveling needs, just click on the phone number to call and ask for hours or to make a reservation. Share your favorite vacation moments with your friends and family. Take a picture, choose a postcard background that fits your experience and write a special note that can easily be emailed to your friends and family, or shared on Facebook or Twitter!

Still can’t decide what to do? No problem. Just hit the Around Me button to see what’s close or check out some of our local favorites to help make your day planning a little easier!

Explore Central Florida has the following categories for you to browse:

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